Safe Measures in Doing Pest Control


Before performing pest control, it is strongly recommended that pest prevention should be observed and strictly followed to prevent the presence of pests in your environment and when you are successful in preventing the presence and spread of pests, therefore, there won't be a need to use Go-Forth Pest Control. Here are safe measures in pest prevention: remove remaining sources of food, water and temporary shelter where pests can be attracted to feed on and live; store food in sealed plastic or glass containers; garbage containing perishable items, such as food, should be tightly covered and garbage should be disposed regularly; don't let water accumulate inside and outside your home, such that you fix leaky plumbing, not allowing water collect under house plant or refrigerator or not leaving pet food and water out overnight; get rid of clutter like stacks of newspapers, magazines, or cardboard where pests breed and seek shelter; close openings in the house where pests can enter and hide, such as cracks, crevices, and cover them with steel wool or wire mesh; check for pests in packages or boxes before bringing them in your home.

After preventive steps have been taken and there is real need to use pesticides, here are safe measure to conduct a safe and correct use of pest control: keep children and pets away from the specific areas where pesticides are about to be applied; use baits, made of safe, chemical components, to allow insects or rodents to come forward and eat of it and eventually die; try using low-risk pesticides which are available with instructions and targeted for some pests; if pesticides are not used as baits or traps, it should be applied on a specific location and not sprayed over the whole room; read carefully the pesticide's label instructions and safety warnings; if there are ready-to-use products, whenever possible use this kind; should there be a hired help, especially one who is trained in pest control, inquire to find and correct the source of the problem before applying pest control, such as repairing a leaky toilet to remove water source or using baits, crack and crevice treatment if feasible; apply chemicals only use for homes and if a hired Lake Norman Pest Control is around, he should provide information about the chemical on the pesticide.

When the pest control operation is completed, dispose of leftover pesticides and its containers properly by reading well the label instructions on how to dispose them or by calling the waste disposal authority in your locality for information on how to properly and safely dispose them. Learn more about pest control at .